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Zaffiro Crafted Oud - Maison Alhambra 100ML EDP

  • ZAFFIRO Collection Crafted Oud - Maison Alhambra 100ML 3.4FL.OZ New UAE ORIGINAL.

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    The luxury unisex masterpiece Zaffiro Collection Crafted Oud will someday be included in perfume textbooks as an example of a successful combination of a tart herbal-spicy bouquet with a woody kaleidoscope of notes. Preserving the selective traditions, the creators of the fragrance masterfully handled the classic European developments.


    The bouquet opens with bright Guatemalan cardamom, which is complemented by oud nagarmota, a subtle echo of cypress branches and pink pepper. The oud itself is hidden in the core, where its tart mood is countered by an iris flower, while cedar and patchouli lifted from the base step neatly complement the earthy accord. Vanilla with white musk is heard in the drydown, thanks to which the composition has a sweetish completion of the fleur.

    By season, Zaffiro Collection Crafted Oud is usually classified as a winter fragrance, like most oud selective perfumes, but it's not so simple here. The most powerful sillage and high durability unexpectedly gently open in warm weather, without going into a heavy powder. For this, it will be appreciated by everyone who has been looking for a bright, but as neutral as possible fragrance for a long time.

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